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Don’t Drive another Day Without Non-Owner Liability Insurance

Not sure what non-owner liability insurance is or if you need it? The problem is it may be the most important coverage you will ever need, yet you may be going without it. So consider these scenarios:

non-owner liability insurance

  • You want to run some errands and plan again to use your best friend’s car. As long as you have a valid driver’s license you assume this is legal.
  • Or maybe your brother tends to borrow your truck at least once a week to haul junk to his antique store. He has a good driver’s record and you assume your own car insurance will cover anyone as a driver of your vehicle.

The problem is in both examples you may be wrong. Being misinformed or ignorant to your auto insurance protection is no excuse and you will still be financially liable for any damages that may occur. Without non-owner liability insurance this could mean all of the bodily injury and personal property damage expenses could be yours to pay, from your own pocket. This can easily be thousands and thousands of dollars. In fact, many people have had to let their homes be foreclosed on and claim bankruptcy due to incidents like this.

The Good News

It is an avoidable mistake. Getting yourself protected with non-owner liability insurance is the best ways to be certain you avoid potential problems behind the wheel. It also means making sure anyone who borrows your vehicle has this type of liability car insurance as well.

It has become much more common these days for drivers to borrow or even share a vehicle. With the rising cost of fuel and the added expense of repairs and upkeep for a car, no wonder households are beginning to revert back to the days of being a one car home. The trick is making sure that one vehicle is always protected regardless of who is behind the wheel.

What’s Included in Non Owner Liability Insurance?

Much of this may depend on the policy provider you choose or whether you opt to go with more than liability. What you should know is that even as a non owner you can get coverage to include:

  • Liability which is financial coverage for medical bills and property damage for others, if you are the at-fault driver
  • Uninsured motorist protection in case the other driver is at fault but does not have car insurance
  • PIP or Personal Injury Protection in which you are covered for your own medical and property expenses even if you are at fault

The bottom line is with this type of auto insurance you can be certain you are protected when you are behind the wheel of someone else’s vehicle. Don’t make the mistake of driving without proper insurance or letting someone else drive your car without insurance. In many cases all it takes is getting quotes, which is as simple as entering just your zip code. This way you will be sure you have the non owner liability insurance you need.