Non Owners Car Insurance

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Non Owner Car Insurance

Many drivers think they know what’s in their automobile insurance coverage until they find out too late they do not have something important such as non-owners insurance. Assuming you have anything more than basic collision coverage when you secure your car insurance, can be a dangerous and costly mistake.

Finding out after you have had an accident that you will not be covered because you didn’t have the proper type of policy can be a frightening and costly process to endure. Making sure you have all the coverage you need, including filling in any gaps in your coverage, is an important step to take. It is especially important to understand what you need if you are acquiring insurance for the first time or have recently moved to a new state.

What Exactly Non-Owner Auto Insurance Is

Just as the name would imply, non-owner insurance is a policy one would get in place to drive a vehicle that is not theirs and registered to someone else. So, who might need non-owner insurance and when might they need it? Non Owner Car Insurance

  • Those who are using another driver’s car on a regular basis
  • In some cases where someone has had his or her license revoked, canceled or suspended and needed an SR22 form completed to reinstate their insurance. Non-owner auto insurance may help prevent gaps in coverage in cases where the newly reinstated driver does not yet have a car registered in his or her own name.
  • In some cases if you work in a position that may have you driving other vehicles, you may need non-owner car insurance.
  • If someone only drives occasionally but drives a vehicle registered to another person.
  • There are plenty of other instances where someone may need non-owner coverage and not having it could be detrimental.

Deciding on Your Non-Owner Policy

If you already know you need non owner insurance, then you will need to get quotes  so you can compare rates. There are some factors that go into determining the costs you may be looking at when it comes to your non-owner insurance. So realize these things will play a role in price:

  • the state you live in and in some cases the area within the state
  • the amount of driving you will be doing in the vehicle registered to another person
  • your driving records
  • the amount of coverage you want

In general, a non-owner auto insurance policy covers only liability. If you were considering renting a car on a regular basis versus getting non-owner insurance, it usually works out cheaper to get non-owner car insurance. Of course, you cannot be sure until you compare rates.

Do not hesitate and delay; get those non-owner insurance rates by simply providing us with your zip code. You could have non-owner car insurance rates in no time at all and be on the way to securing the policy you need to protect yourself as a driver.