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How to Guide for Non-Owners Insurance Quotes

If you have been thinking about getting non-owners insurance quotes you may already understand the value of having this type of coverage. Of course, you may not have even yet heard of non-owners car insurance. Either way, to find out more about it and get quotes you have come to the right place.

One common question drivers ponder is whether or not non-owners auto insurance is something they need. Or it may be something you need to make sure someone else has before letting them borrow your car. As the name would pretty much explain, non-owners coverage helps in cases where you are driving a car that does not belong to you.

Situations where this may be of use: Non-Owners Insurance Quotes

  • If you frequently rent a car. Although you can secure insurance through the car rental agency this can end up being a much more pricy option. Secure your own non-owners policy and save money on your fees.
  • If you are in the habit of needing to borrow a car on a regular basis, you will obviously need to secure car insurance to cover yourself as a driver. Even if the person who is lending you the car says he or she has insurance to cover you, this may not be true. Many drivers think they have this type of coverage but that is because they are only assuming so. This is also not usually intended for long term use.
  • In some cases if you drive a vehicle for work that does not belong to you, you may need non-owners car insurance. While most companies do cover the insurance, some ask drivers to secure their own. In these cases companies usually reimburse or offer an allowance for auto insurance. When you get your non-owners insurance quotes you may be able to find a rate lower than the amount your company pays you for an allowance for it.
  • You may be in the process of getting your car repaired or settling a previous insurance claim but in the meantime have no car of your own to drive. If you are using a rented vehicle or borrowing another driver’s car for an undetermined amount of time, you will need to have it insured.
  • These days many people share cars to help save on costs. Friends, roommates and coworkers may do this and divide up the cost of car payments, gas, repairs, maintenance and covering their own insurance. It is actually becoming increasingly popular for couples to share a car again, like back in the ‘50s when most households were only one car homes. Sharing a car still means having your own insurance though.

There are other reasons why someone may need to get their own non-owners policy for a car, but this should give you an idea.

What to Think about

There are other things to know or keep in mind when it comes to getting non-owners quotes and securing your policy. One of the most important things is to understand that this is not a policy that normally covers more than liability. If the car you are driving is of great value, you should consider adding on to the policy to cover things such as repairs, replacement or medical bills. The last one is especially true if you do not have health insurance.

While you can certainly find plenty of cheap non-owners car insurance rates, there are other ways to help make sure you save on your car insurance. Here are some things that affect or could help your premium rates on non-owners auto insurance coverage.

  • Your age and marital status. While you cannot change your age or get married to save a few dollars on car insurance, it is something to keep in mind for the future. Once you are over the age of 25 or get married, make sure to let your insurance carrier know. You may see your rates drop just by alerting them to this fact.
  • Your driving record. Again, you can’t do much about the past, but it should wake you up to be more careful moving forward. Tickets and accidents can cause your auto insurance rates to be much higher. This is another area where you should inform your policy provider of changes because most infractions come off your record in three to five years. When that happens your rates will drop.
  • Avoid financing a brand new sporty red convertible but do get safety features added. Even helping prevent theft with a car alarm can cause your rates to be lower.

Get your non-owners insurance quotes by using nothing more than your zip code and get started protecting yourself as a driver today.