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North Carolina Non-Owners Insurance

For those who are using a car other than their own or letting someone use their vehicle, non-owners insurance North Carolina residents can use is important to have. In the event of an accident without the driver having coverage, the consequences can be severe. Too many drivers assume they have this type of coverage only to find out once they have an accident this isn’t the case.

Driving another person’s vehicle or letting someone drive yours without proper coverage means taking a risk. If there is a wreck, you could be paying all of the related expenses out of your own pocket, even if you are not at fault. This could mean repair or replacement costs as well as expensive medical bills.

What You Could be Paying for

Be aware before taking the risk of knowing what non-owners insurance North Carolina drivers find. Those who have driven another driver’s car or let someone drive their car and had an accident found out the hard and expensive way of what can happen. Imagine paying for:Non-Owners Insurance North Carolina Quotes

  • the damage to your car especially if you are driving a new and financed vehicle
  • repairing or replacing the other vehicle involved
  • medical expenses for yourself or others from your own pocket, which can include hospital stays, surgery, expensive prescriptions and aftercare such as physical therapy
  • damage to personal or public property in the event of striking someone’s home or a streetlamp, for example

Imagine thinking you are saving money on your auto insurance by not including non-owners insurance North Carolina drivers need. The little bit you may save per month isn’t worth it in the long run compared to the expenses you incur when paying for an accident out of your own pocket.

Who Uses This the Most?

It is very common anymore to be in a situation where you could be driving a borrowed car or lending yours to someone else. People can have car problems, and it is difficult to have the car in the shop and also still have a mode of transportation to get to work. It could be due to expenses that two people need to share a vehicle to cut down on expenses. This can help save on gas, maintenance and other car related expenses.

Of course sometimes it is just to show off a new ride. If you just got a new car, you may want your friends to be able to take it for a test drive. The problem is even a drive around the block could end up in a wreck. In order to protect yourself as a driver or the owner of a car someone else may drive, make sure you get the coverage you truly need.

To prevent pricy mistakes later, get the auto insurance coverage that protects you. To get quotes all you need is your zip code. From there you can find out about non-owners insurance North Carolina rates and get covered today.