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What You May Not Know About Non-Owner Car Insurance

Think you might need non-owner car insurance but aren’t sure? If you think you are in a situation that would require having non-owner auto insurance then you probably are. The big problem is if you do need it and do not have it you won’t know until it is too late. Waiting until you have an accident and find out the hard way you should have had non-owners coverage is an expensive and frustrating mistake to make.

So how can having non-owner car insurance help you?

  • It can keep you legal – Only one state does not require drivers to carry a minimum amount of insurance to be behind the wheel legally. If you are caught driving without the proper form of auto insurance you could be looking at hefty fines and even the possibility of having to carry SR22 insurance. This is a type of an expensive insurance policy, which drivers who are considered high risk must carry. If you are caught driving without insurance you may have to get this type of coverage to be a legal driver.
  • It can keep you protected – Without insurance, you are driving illegally. What that means is that if you should be involved in a wreck even if it is not your fault, if you are not carrying the legal auto insurance you will be responsible for your own expenses.
  • It may help with a leased or financed vehicle – Having insurance for a leased or financed vehicle is one of the more important things to make sure you have in place. If you are using another person’s car that is leaded or still owned by the bank, without proper coverage the car may not be covered in the event of a wreck. This is especially true if the car is stolen or damaged to the point of being totaled out. If this happens, the car will not be covered by insurance but will still need to be paid for. You or someone will owe payments on a car but not have a car to drive.
  • It will help you avoid financial responsibility – The bottom line is that, aside from being legal, it is important to have non-owner auto insurance so you are protected in the event of an accident. Without insurance, if you are the at fault driver of a car you do not own you will have to pay for the other driver’s car repairs and medical expenses out of your own pocket. In some instances, the car could need to be replaced and that would be your financial burden. You may also have to cover prolonged hospital stays, surgeries, medications and after care like physical therapy. All of this is in addition to what you would have to cover on you end such as the expense of the car you were driving and your own medical bills. This is especially important if you do have health insurance.
  • It will prevent you from defaulting on coverage – Picture it like this: if you do not have your own car, you may think you don’t need your own insurance. So you put it off for a year until you do get a car of your own. To keep things legal you go to set up getting a policy of your own only to find out the potential premiums are sky high. Reason being? If you have a lapse of more than 30 days in auto insurance coverage you are categorized as a driver who lapsed in policy coverage. Because of this, your rates for a policy will be quite steep until you establish a predetermined amount of time to have coverage. All of that could be avoided by using non-owners car insurance to stay covered.

Who Needs Non-Owner?

You should already be seriously considering getting non-owner auto coverage if you do not already have it. If you still aren’t sure than think about this:

  • If you regularly rent a car, you should consider having a non-owners policy. Even if you usually take the insurance they offer you could be saving a great deal of money as well as be assured you have the coverage you want by getting your own non-owner policy.
  • If you regularly use a vehicle owned by a family member or friend. Even if you both assume their auto insurance policy will cover you as a driver it is better to assume that may not be the case. To prevent having any problems from this your best bet is to have your own policy. If nothing else it is better to have too much coverage than not enough.
  • If you share a vehicle with someone, again it is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to protect yourself as a driver with this type of coverage. Having this will also ensure that the car costs are covered so that you and whoever you are sharing a car with are not left without a vehicle if something should happen.
  • To keep yourself insured at all times. Having insurance coverage even when you do not own a car helps prevent you from suffering the consequences of steep rates in the future. Don’t take a chance by not having any coverage and then finding out your rates will be astronomical when it comes time to secure your own policy.

What you should know about a non-owner auto policy is that it may not have the extensive coverage you want. Be sure to find out exactly what you want or need when it comes to your auto insurance policy and get that in place. Even if it means adding on to a basic policy, it will help prevent you from having any future problems down the road.

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